• Sara Gerbracht

FEAR is a Liar!

FEAR has held me back for so long! I remember wanting so bad what others had... but didn't know how to get it. I couldn't recognize that it wasn't that I wasn't capable... it was that I was SOOO afraid. Afraid to put myself out there for other people to judge! Afraid of being vulnerable and letting out the secrets that I am not perfect. Afraid of failing in front of others, family, friends but even strangers on the internet? It felt so dumb and childish but it was there in the back of my mind saying that I wasn't good enough, that I couldn't do it. Who are you to think you can start a business, train people or even post on social media? it all felt hard.

just effing hard.

I didn't realize that my very own yearbook post from 20 years ago was the thing that I needed to believe myself-

"You have to be confident in your abilities and then tough enough to follow through!"

WOW never did I think that I wasn't tough but when push came to shove I would quit. I would push my dreams aside. I would say this is good enough...good enough but not quite great. Just be happy where you are... stop feeling like you are missing something. But it was always there, tugging at my heart. Mostly when I saw others succeeding and living their dreams. But especially on the days where I felt drained, tired and just not fulfilled. I believe that underwhelm is just as detrimental as overwhelm. It can have the same effects on our body and brain as overwhelmed and overloaded. Fulfillment comes from the follow through of YOUR dreams! YOUR DREAMS! not your parent's dream for you, not your spouses dreams for you, not even your employers dream for you. I believe in dreaming BIG, BIG dreams but then taking the next tiny baby step towards that dream. It may be taking that first step into the gym, maybe be calling to enroll in school, maybe getting a domain for your blog or starting an IG page(connect with me if you do ) Whatever it is take 1 small step towards that dream each day and build that momentum. How long has it been on your heart? The time will pass anyway. Stop collecting knowledge and start taking action. Take action every day. Show up for yourself, your family, your legacy.

You CAN control how you show up. Today. Tomorrow. Each day except yesterday. Whatever you have done in the past, you can let it go and show up today. Eat healthy today. Get the workout in today. Shift your mindset today. Your FEARS are limiting beliefs... limiting your potential. I no longer say I want to be FEARLESS but I want to feel the fear and do it anyway! That FEAR means I care and that I want to show up as the MAIN character in my own story! Stop letting FEAR control you and let FEAR push you😘

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