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3 SECRETS to get YOUR life back and get the CONFIDENCE you deserve!!!!

I used to feel soo tired all the time. Like I would get home from work and grab a snack and sit on the couch watching tv...completely numbing everything out. I would say that I was just going to sit down for a minute and then I will go exercise. I just need a little time to rest. My body is so tired and I am so drained. Well then it just never happened. I kept that cycle of feeling more and more tired, less and less motivated to move or do anything even. Until one day I read this simple statement.... it makes sooooo much sense to me now but back then I just didn't know what I didn't know?!?!?!?! Do you want to know how this simple aha moment that can change your life just like it changed mind? Like literally has changed my life and given me back many hours of sitting on the couch vegging out to doing the things in life that are meaningful and impactfull all while having a ton more energy than I even thought possible! I feel like it needs a drum roll please.....

Here it isss.....


I am going to say it again for those who just rolled their eyes at me. Exercise creates energy. If you are struggling to find the energy to exercise or feel like you have no motivation... then you are not alone! BUT it starts with a shift of a mindset... when my mind said I am too tired; my comeback thought was just 10 minutes... just put on your shoes and start walking. Get moving, put the baby in the stroller, maybe he was crying, maybe with some snacks and books. Then it became just get your foot in the door of the gym. He cried every single time I left him. EVERY SINGLE TIME... but it didn't last long and he played and I got a little me time and exercise is good for the soul. It was reading that one statement of truth and actually believing it and taking it a step further and following through with the comeback thoughts to the negative ones, So when your mind says I'm too tired... that is a trigger for the next thought to be placed and said aloud... I will feel more energized after a 10 minute walk. What about the one... I don't have the time... comeback thought... I am choosing to take care of my body and soul so I can take care of those around me best!

This brings me to TIP #1. Know your common negative thoughts and write them down. Then have the comeback thoughts right next to it.

Negative thought Comeback Thought

I am too tired Exercise creates energy

I am so depleted Exercise is good for my soul.

My body needs to rest I can rest after I move my body.

I just don't care I do care. I am justifying.

I deserve this sugary snack I deserve to fuel my body to create more energy.

I have been good all week Great! I am getting to my goals and keep going.

No one gets it. Other people feel this too and I can still move.

Make this list. Pay attention to those thoughts both negative, defeating thoughts and the comeback thoughts.

Tip #2 Keep an extra set of shoes(and socks) in the car. Always, always have shoes with you, that way you can stop at the park on the way home without using the excuse I don't have shoes.

TIP #3

Drop your excuses. ALL of them. That is all they are! Excuses! EVERY SINGLE ONE that is disempowering to your goals. I know its hard... but you can do hard. You have done hard before. I know it sucks sometimes... but when you push through the suck: it starts to suck a little less and a little less and moment by moment it starts to be amazing! Sometimes the suck is to sweat in your dress clothes🤣

Swap out the heels for tennies right when you get home! DO IT... I dare you... good grief it matters! Don't go near that couch! Put them on and MOVE that body. You may feel silly, awkward, uncomfortable but LIFE starts when you leave your comfort zone!

So remember

Pro Tip #1. Know your common negative thought as a trigger for your comeback thought

Pro tip #2. Always always have a set of shoes with you.

Pro tip #3. Eliminate the EXCUSES. PERIOD.

I believe in you! Tag me on instagram and share how you are going to change your life today

đź’‹ SJ

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